Commercial Television Systems

commercial television systems

We specialise in installation and maintenance of multi-point television systems for commercial clients via IRS and SMATV systems. Typical customers include Hotels, Apartment Blocks, Offices, Property Management Companies, General Builders etc. Typical media to distribute includes: Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Internal Broadcasts and just about any other form of digital media. *Please note: in some cases broadcasters that require payment for their services may require you to purchase or apply for an additional or extended license before you can distribute throughout multiple rooms, apartments or buildings (Sky etc).

MATV:  Master Antenna Television Systems,providing terrestrial television, both digital & analogue along with radio reception for multi occupied dwellings

SMATV:  Satellite Master Antenna TelevisionSystem for the distribution of analogue & digital TV and Satellite signals to communal blocks

IRS:  Integrated Reception Systems to provide Sky Digital, Sky + & Sky HD Satellite, Analogue & Digital TV along with FM & DAB Radio to every home or Apartment